Interested in Energy Materials Lab

For incoming graduate students, undergraduates, postdocs and researchers who are interested in the energy materials research should send your emails directly to Prof. Sossina Haile at, a piece of detailed curriculum vitae and concise research plan are highly recommended.

In addition, you are very welcome to join our weekly group meetings, where you can get more information about what kind of research are going on in our lab, refer to the below group meeting schedules (location may be updated), feel free to join us and introduce yourself.


Group Meeting Schedules

2018 Winter

01/10/2018            Wednesday      4:00pm-5:30pm          Cook Hall 2058                     Hui Kong

01/17/2018            Wednesday      4:00pm-5:30pm          Cook Hall 2058                     Sheng, Emanuela

01/24/2018            Wednesday      4:00pm-5:30pm          Tech E311                            Sihyuk, Jian

01/31/2018            Wednesday      4:00pm-5:30pm          Tech F210                            Ruiyun, Chris

02/07/2018            Wednesday      4:00pm-5:30pm          Cook Hall 2058                     Weizi, Shobhit

02/14/2018            Wednesday      4:00pm-5:30pm          Cook Hall 2058                     Dezhi, Anu

02/21/2018            Wednesday      4:00pm-5:30pm          Cook Hall 2058                     Austin, Xin Xu

02/28/2018            Wednesday      4:00pm-5:30pm          Cook Hall 2058                     Xin Qian, Sheel

03/06/2018            Tuesday           4:00pm-5:30pm          Cook Hall 2058                     Louis, Elise

03/12/2018            Monday            4:00pm-5:30pm          Tech E311                            Conner, Daekwang

03/21/2018            Wednesday      4:00pm-5:30pm          Cook Hall 2058                     Daehee, Haemin